(Almost) A New Year, New You


Hello fellow foodies! I am writing to you today regarding the upcoming news year and the new resolutions you wish to start. I know that the holidays can be rough when it comes to over-eating and wanting to work out to stay in shape. I understand– it can be difficult! Well, lucky for you I have a few tips that can help you to cut calories without having to change what you are eating! (somewhat, hehe):

  1. Portion Size- this is the number one problem majority of people face when it comes to holiday eating. There are so many options at the dinner table and you can’t wait to try them all, so you get a big heaping plate of everything! But before you scoop on another serving of macaroni and cheese, stop and think, “Do I really need all of this?” Chances are, you don’t. Macaroni and cheese can be high in fat and carbs if you consume too much. Now, I’m not saying to skip out on one of the best foods during holiday season (because honestly nobody wants to do that), but just make sure to eat smaller portion sizes of foods high in fat content. (A size that would fit within your palm).
  2. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate- even typing out the word “chocolate” makes me crave it. One of my favorite things about this season is the amazing and wonderful desserts my family and friends are making. From the peanut butter cookies to the mint chocolate peppermint brownies, there are sweets lurking all over the place. My number one rule for myself is to not deprive myself of sweets. The main reason diets don’t work is because they are not sustainable. It is not good to deprive the body of certain food groups and trying to completely take out foods that are sugary is exactly why people go crazy after a few weeks and binge eat on Hershey candy bars. My advice to you is to again, watch your portion size, but to also choose your food wisely. If you like dark chocolate, then try substituting Hershey dark chocolate bars with bars that are 70% or higher is cacao because it is typically less sugary and higher in antioxidants. If you are the type of person that absolutely despises dark chocolate, then that is totally fine! Try to choose brands that are lower in saturated fat and make sure to eat slower when you eat. Savor the flavor! The slower you eat, the easier it is for your body to digest the food and make you feel fuller faster.
  3. Apples and Oranges- No, I am not telling you to eat only apples and oranges. If you would like to, then more power to you. However, next time you are starving and looking for a quick, power snack, grab a banana or some grapes. These foods help you feel fuller longer and are much healthier than a bag of potato chips. They will also help you to avoid muffin top ????
  4. Veggies- Pack up on the vegetables!! Instead of filling up 3/4 your plate with chicken and noodles and stuffing, try filling half your plate with fresh vegetables and only 1/4 of the others. Vegetables are not only good for you, but they are low in fat and help feel fuller longer. If you are not a huge fan of vegetables, try mixing it with chicken or grilling it with a little bit of olive oil to give it a more savory flavor.
  5. Slow your roll- eat slower and chew your food. I know this sounds like something you would be telling to a child, but we all get overwhelmed sometimes when we are starving and eat WAYYYY to much and forget to properly chew our food (I am guilty of this). Simply take the time you have to eat and cut your food up and eat it slowly. This gives your body time to digest and instead of devouring your 12″ Subway sandwich, you may only be able to finish a 6″ with extra to spare!

I hope these tips helped you about and give you some motivation to eat and stay healthy during this holiday season! ???? xoxo Mackenzie

Some healthy food recipes:

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