Fitness Friday


Hello fellow bloggers! As you all know, today is Friday (whoop whoop), which means one more day until the weekend. I have been wanting to start adding more fitness motivation posts on here because eating healthy and working out is such a huge part of my life and it is very important to me. I am going to start making it a regular routine to have “Fitness Fridays” to help inspire and motivate everyone reading this to want to choose a healthier lifestyle for all aspects of their life. I know that when I was trying to eat healthier and become more physically fit I needed inspiration because it can be so easy to just say, “Yeah I will eat healthier tomorrow and maybe go on a walk”, but when the weekend comes and your friends invite you out with them, it is so easy to over eat and drink over half of your daily caloric intake in just one night. Having said, I have found an awesome link for you guys to check out called the 7 Essential Exercises For a Bikini Worthy Body. Every week I am going to try to focus on a different aspect of a healthy life and include personal experiences and blogs from myself, as well as links and stories from others I find interesting. I hope you guys enjoy it and I will talk to you soon! ❤ Xx Cb3erdjviaeazz6 Large 7177739

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