My Go-To Breakfast

     Sometimes I wonder how I lived without Greek yogurt. Of course I’m being dramatic, but come on…this stuff is amazing. Not only is it packed with protein, but it’s fat free! Win-win. 

    This has become my favorite breakfast whether I’m on-the-go or I have the day to myself. I don’t think there is a breakfast much easier to make than this. First, I start off with a 1/2 cup of fat-free Greek yogurt. Next, I throw on a 1/3 cup of my favorite granola. Finally, I clean some fresh fruit and spoon on some reduced-fat peanut butter and I’m done! Simple as that. What I also love about this is that you can add or remove whatever ingredients you like. You can always add organic honey or chia seeds to give it a sweeter taste with added fiber. I hope you all enjoyed this simple, healthy, and easy-to-make breakfast! I love to hear from you, let me know what you all think about it! 😊 

1 comment on “My Go-To Breakfast

  1. That looks so delicious and healthy, I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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