A College Student’s Best Friend


If someone were to ask me what my top 3 basic necessities every college student must know/have in order to be successful, I would undoubtedly reply with:

  1. My Macbook Air (or any laptop for that matter)
    1. I never knew how important a laptop would be until my freshman year of college when I realized how inconvenient it was to have to run to the library at 1 o’clock in the morning to write a 5 page paper over the history of journalism because the rest of your group members decided that their contribution to the “group” was simply them showing up to class and you doing all the work…Did I mention I love group projects? (she says sarcastically)
  2. Access to a gym or fitness facility
    1. This is the easiest and most important way to avoid freshman 15. Most colleges provide free admission to an on-campus workout facility so it is very convenient and easy to workout before or after your classes. This is what I credit my healthy lifestyle to. During my freshman year of college I dropped 20 pounds by starting a workout regimen and initiating healthier eating habits.
  3. EatStreet
    1. This is for those times when you’re too busy with homework to drive to your favorite restaurant or your friends decide to come over and you’re starving but have nothing to fix. EatStreet takes the win for my absolute FAVORITE online food ordering site. I kid you not, I order from this site on a weekly basis. Oh, and guess what? They have an app for that. It is so user friendly and they make it easy to order delivery or carryout. They also have specials where after you order a certain amount of times, you get discounts and coupons for your favorite places. Just make sure you don’t go overboard like me and order food twice in one day lol. Or if you do, just make sure you hit up the gym afterwards ????
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