The Best Spring/Summer 2017 Handbag Ideas


Hey guys! Today I have a great guest post from Suzy Walsh about the best Spring/Summer handbag ideas! Also, go check out her page if you’re looking for some great reads about fashion. 
Spring/Summer 2017 fashion was full of surprises. If you follow the runway ideas, you probably have found amazing things to shop for. In this post, we will talk about spring 2017 handbags, focusing on trends that are easy to follow and practice. These are trending designs that you definitely need in your closet, regardless of your personal style statement.

Small, smaller, smallest: Well, not every girl is fond of large and giant travel bags! Some just like it simple yet effective. A lot of leading designers worked with tiny bags for the season. These are simple bags, often sling designs that can accommodate just a few basics like a phone, a lip-gloss or some cash. The top collections that echoed this idea include Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Fendi. You can pair these smaller bags with a nice pair of denims or even with your summer dresses – quite effortless!

Large is for me: This is a season of stark contrasts in many ways. If some of the shows were all about small and tiny handbags, others were all about massive designs. Top designers and labels, including Michael Kors, Gucci, and Balenciaga worked with the idea in a number of ways, making this a top spring trend. The trend is all about large bags, almost resembling the regular travel bags. For girls who love to carry everything with them, this is quite a stunning thought. Also, if you are a frequent travel, these bags can change your airport looks forever.

Attachments are classy: If you have old handbags and sling bags that haven’t been used for a while, all you need is a few good attachments. The idea worked big time in leading shows of Fendi, Rebecca Minkoff, Maison Margiela and Versus Versace among others. All you need is a few fantastic attachments, which can be added to your bag straps or any side for a cool look. Don’t have money for a new bag? Well, you can make easy DIY things at home. Check online to find charms at cheap prices, and you can create as many as you want for affordable costs.

Chain straps are back: Chains have been a fashion staple for a while now. Every season, we see new varieties of chain straps on the runway, but spring 2017 was all about basics. Mostly in simple gold and brass shades, the idea splashed everywhere. Some of the top shows that featured this trend include Alexander Wang, Bottega Venetta, John Galliano, Mulberry and Versace. The good thing is you can find quite a few options in different budgets on online stores, even from some of the regular brands.

Hope you found this post useful. For more, keep following this blog, and we hope to bring more fashion for you in the future!

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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert for The House of Elegance Fashion. Besides being an accomplished author for many leading blogs and websites, she is also known for her amazing posts and takes on fashion rules and trends.

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