Can It Be Halloween Yet?

As much as I love the slutty cat costumes and the cliché “angel and devil” sorority-girl ensemble, Halloween can quickly become expensive with all the accessories and face makeup you have to purchase in addition to your costume. If you ask me , I would honestly rather spend $50 towards an outfit I will wear for more than one night or food and gas. Instead of spending so much money on a costume, try doing a DIY outfit that will be half the price and look just s cute! A couple year ago my boyfriend and I went as the Purge couple and needless to say, we scared the kids from my neighborhood and everyone loved it. We got so many compliments on our outfits and it only costed us $10 each! Granted, we did buy the masks from a costume store, but our outfits were bought from the Goodwill and the blood on them was purchased from Hobby Lobby. If you’re going with a boyfriend/girlfriend this year there are so many cute ideas out there even if you’re not wanting to go as killer maniacs like we did.

Now that Halloween is less than a week away, I must confess that I have yet to find an outfit idea for me and the bf, but I do have a few ideas. Of course, you will have to wait until Halloween to see what we go as, but yes, it will be slutty, and yes it is something a sorority girl would wear. But hey, once a sorority girl, always a sorority girl 😉

1 comment on “Can It Be Halloween Yet?

  1. Feel free to try out this super easy & cheap DIY Halloween costume! We did it last year and it was a hit!

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