The Little Things: My Traveling Essentials


Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything you need to pack for a trip. The time comes and it’s really hard to stay organized without being side-tracked with other things that need to be done at the moment. I feel like no matter how well I “think” I packed, I somehow always manage to forget something if I don’t have a checklist, in advance, of everything I need. The little things count if it comes down to buying more chargers for your phone vs. a night out at your favorite restaurant. Here are my absolute MUST HAVES for a going-away trip, whether its for vacation or a work/weekend trip:

  • Phone and computer charger
    • This one is obviously an absolute MUST if you are going away for a long period of time. There is nothing worse than having a dead battery and having to buy a new charger that can cost an upwards of $10. Don’t forget to pack your phone!!
  • Lip gloss/Chapstick
    • I almost always carry a tub of chapstick or my Vaseline lip butter because I hate when my lips get dry and chapped. It’s convenient because its small enough to not take up a lot of space but oh how it can be annoying if you forget to pack the little thing!
  • Lotion
    • Who wants dry hands? eww
  • Snacks-to-go
    • I love having snacks around in case if I get hungry or need a quick energy boost. Bringing snacks with you is always better than having to stop at a fast food joint and regretting the double cheeseburger with a side of fries you ate. I like to take almonds, fresh fruit, and Vitamin Water Zero.
  • Music or a Book
    • Depending on where I’m going, I try to always pack a set of headphones with my iPod, or a book. I get car sick real easily if I try to read in a moving car so rather than staring out the window for a couple hours, I bring my iPod. If I am on a plane I like to catch up on some reading so I try to make sure to pack a good book. (I sometimes pack Ibuprofen in case of a headache)

I hope my little checklist helps you all out in case if you are planning a trip soon or are headed on a weekend getaway!

xoxo Mackenzie

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