My Little, Best Friend


I would like to introduce you all to my little best friend, Alfred. I have had my hedgehog for about 5 months now and he is perfect. He is so sassy and funny and you probably wouldn’t have guessed they would be so interesting, but they are. Mine gets sassy when he doesn’t get fed at the right time of day and he will throw his food bowl around his cage until I come to feed him some more. (Did I mention he is a little chunkier?) He also isn’t very happy with his water situation apparently. He tries to rip off his water bottle but he doesn’t realize that it can’t come off because of the metal thats attaching it to the side. I think it is adorable when he gets crazy. ???? Because they are nocturnal, he is up all night. When I say all night, I mean ALL NIGHT. Sometimes it can get annoying when they rustle around but after awhile you get used to it. He is definitely a pet I would recommend to others in getting if they are looking for a tiny friend but want something that is less demanding than a dog or a cat. His cage typically only needs cleaning every week and a half and that isn’t a huge task to do, just change his bed shavings and wipe down the sides. He is an amazing pet and absolutely adorable ???? And yes, that is a sombrero on him. He was a mariachi band for Halloween.. Img 9934 6665785 Img 0268 9257422 Img 0268 9257422 Img 0457 5831289 Img 0459 2212035 Img 0459 2212035

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