Top 5 Presents for College Kids


Hey lovelies! So yesterday I went with my mother shopping in Indy, and oh my goodness was it busy! Of course I understand it’s that time of year when everyone comes out of the woodworks to find presents for their friend and family, but I feel like many of the people I saw were completely lost and just wondering around until they saw a gift they thought they might buy. When it is this time of year, I like to know EXACTLY what I need so that I can get in and get out without having to spend countless hours looking for something and ending up spending way too much money on things I don’t really need. I have came up with a few Christmas items I have found to be very useful during my time in college and some that I have been searching for to buy. These are amazing gifts for both men and women. I have attached the links to some of the items I have but you can totally buy cheaper or more expensive versions based on your preference ????

  1. The always handy, coffee maker. Whether it’s for finals or 8 am’s, I don’t know what I would do without my coffee maker. (also a much better alternative to buying Starbucks everyday). K2 781a70b0 8fab 4acd 8e7b 27104696ad99 V1 9402984
  2. A nice, warm jacket. My favorite is my Northface puffer vest because it keeps me warm when I have to walk a lot on campus but it also doesn’t make me too hot walking from class to class. I would definitely recommend investing in one of these because they last such a long time and they are definitely on my must-have college list.  C984 Jk3 Hero 4220987 C759 Q5h Hero 4139957 C759 Q5h Hero 4139957
  3. My computer has been my biggest life saver my past 2 years of college and there is no doubt that I will have it for another 5 or more years to come. Although many times there are computers on campus, I can not tell you how convenient it is to be able to have your laptop with you at all times and being able to quickly check your email or class notifications anywhere you go without having to make a trip to the library. My computer has been one of my favorite gifts of all time just because it is so practical and I use it every single day. I feel like you are either a Mac or a PC person. There is no in between. For me, Macintosh computers are my favorite, but I have used PC computers before, as well. I just love my Mac because it is user friendly and reliable. I also think it looks a little nicer than some other laptops available and is lighter to carry around, but some people are not Mac users and that is totally fine! Some universities give student discounts so I would definitely check that out and many times students can also get software for free or at a discounted price so don’t forget to check into that. If you are on a budget and are not looking to buy a super expensive laptop then these options are best for you. 1308846932 500x500 Sa Jpgcanvasheight500canvaswidth500 8078395  MacBook Pro 15.4″  7046228 Sa Jpgcanvasheight500canvaswidth500 5340134  HP 13.3″
  4. Clothes are definitely awesome gifts to get when you are in college because being a poor college student isn’t fun. When you barely have enough money to go to eat out with friends, clothes are the last thing on your mind and you can never go wrong with having a few extra outfits to wear. A lot of stores are running deals since it is the holidays and if you didn’t have a chance to go Black Friday shopping, you can always check on your favorite stores website to see if they have good sales going on. Boots and sweaters are awesome and hats and scarves make good stocking stuffers. Here are some stores that are having good deals on items for the holiday season:
  5. Finally, gift cards. Although many students have a meal card they use for most of their meals, campus food can get boring quickly and there is nothing more annoying than getting the same food everyday. Many campus’ have restaurants and stores close by (or even walking distance). Gifts cards make great stocking stuffers and you can’t go wrong with a gift card to their favorite place! A lot of times you can buy gift cards online and it comes with free shipping or if their favorite place isn’t that far away, you can try to make a trip there to purchase one. I know I love getting gift cards because its money I can save for my next meal out with my friends.

I hope these items helped you out and I hope you have an amazing holiday season! ???? xoxo Mackenzie

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