Every Sorority Girl’s Closet


*begins to sing the song, I Love College*

Whether it’s staying up until 4 in the morning the night before or getting a couple of hours of sleep due to exam week, fashion is probably the last thing on college students minds. I know all I’m thinking about is when I am going to get my next non-fat cappuccino after I get done finishing my notes before my next class starts. Thankfully, being in a sorority has taught me some very important things. One of which, is this: fashion doesn’t have to be difficult.

I have chosen some items I would consider to be my “basics” of every day college life that I have grown to love. I have also racked up a few cute, last minute outfits/staples you can throw on at the last minute or add to make it look like you spent more time on it than you actually did:

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