My Favorite Fall Mornings

Along with warm apple cider, pumpkin patches, and haunted houses, one of my favorite things about fall is the clothing. This morning I put together a comfy outfit that included my favorite fall sweater and, of course, my Starbucks coffee. I paired my sweater with my Abercrombie destroyed jeans and leather Sperrys for a simple look that is perfect for hanging out with friends or meeting for a lunch date. IMG_9011 IMG_9016

Don’t forget you can always swap out the Sperrys with a cute pair of booties for a more dressed up look! One of my favorite things about the color Oatmeal is that it goes great with any skin color. It is also great during the fall time because of the transition from lights to darks.

I hope your fall mornings fall nothing short of amazing and may your Starbucks be ever caffeinated.

-Mackenzie ❤

1 comment on “My Favorite Fall Mornings

  1. This looks comfortable and very cozy. Fall mornings are my favorite! And evenings too! Okay, everything Fall! ❤️

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