First Semester of Junior Year

Needless to say, I LOVE my school. Not only are there a plethora of activities going on every week, but I can be as nameless as a face in a crowd or as open as a leader in class. No judgement is given, and none is taken. My time is solely mine and my experiences are my own. Everyone here is as transient as the semester. Granted, I do come across similar faces depending on my class schedule but I am always introduced to new cultures and people of different races. I have always loved the idea of diversity in learning and IU does not fall short of my expectations.

3 comments on “First Semester of Junior Year

  1. Querida María, qué alentador me resulta tu mensaje. ¡Y ojalá podamos cumplir el objetivo que bien mencionás! Es increíble cómo estas pequeñas movidas, y la respuesta de la gente, te ayudan a ser optimista sobre el futuro de nuestro país.Gracias por tu esfuerzo. Te mando un beso para vos y otro para tu hija.

  2. Pilates is the best. I love to play tennis and its kind of hard on your back muscles. But with even one pilates lesson a week I don't need to worry about backpain at all!

  3. (vasárnap) 06.30.óra – itt sincs sok extra. Megint -2C°a kezdet… (szombaton alig volt +2C°max.)- a hó elég jól elolvadt (úttest/járda)- gyÅ‘ztem a kiszórt homokot összesöpörni délután ! Sajnos, a tujákon még áll a hó és a virágok is hó alatt vannak.Hát… más hírek nem nagyon… vagy csak itt nem publikusak ?

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